R. Maduvvari Coastal Protection



About This Project

R. Maduvvari Coastal Protection Project was awarded to MTCC on 4th September 2013. The work for this project, awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, was completed on 7th June 2015. This project was to design and build a costal structure at R. Maduvvari.


The scope of the project included:

Dredging of sand 14,311.20 cbm

Delivery of rock boulders 15,200 ton

Delivery of 35 geotextiles

Construction of revetment 890m.

Project Tpe
Shore Protection
R. Maduvvari
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Contract Sign Date
4th September 2013
Project Start Date
16th March 2014
Completion Date
7th June 2015