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Our team has been the driving force behind the Company’s development since its inception in 1980. Our success lies with our employees; the members of our team who work tirelessly every day, to deliver our services and solutions across the country. We are proud of our workforce whose professionalism, dedication and commitment is exceptional.


We are dedicated to recruiting and retaining the best candidates and talents to our team. We focus on creating employment for youth and motivating them to join our work team. We also aim in creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment that respects and supports all our people, including making reasonable adjustments in job design and providing appropriate training for employees with disabilities.


Employee development is one of the core values of the Company. This includes being committed to effective employee training, developing strategies to ensure skill and expertise levels and providing academic education opportunities.


Our varied number of services means that there is a huge range of challenging opportunities and career paths for individuals interested in building a storied career.



Hunavaru is an apprenticeship program aimed for the school leavers searching for employment opportunities. The purpose of this program is to develop the essential skills of the youth by providing learning opportunities at work.


We will be training participants in a number of fields including operation of heavy vehicles and vessels, electrical engineering, welding, dredging and environmental surveying. The participants are provided on-the-job training of 48 hours weekly to complete their academic learning while making MVR 5,000 as earnings and simultaneously gaining valuable real-time workplace skills with relevant experiences.


On completion, all participants are awarded a certificate of completion and given the opportunity to be recruited as an employee based on their performance during the program and depending on the availibility of vacancies at the time of completion of the program. “Hunavaru” program by MTCC paves way for opportunities in maintaining these necessary skills and move forward.

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