Design and Build of Harbour in ADh. Mandhoo



About This Project

Work to design and build Design and Build of Harbor in ADhMandhoo is underway. The work for this project was awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure to MTCC on 10th December 2019.

Work carried out under this project includes:

  • Dredging & Excavation of 24,598cbm
  • Construction of 25m groynes
  • Construction of 236m quay wall
  • development of 319m breakwater
  • development of 60m Revetment
  • Installation of streetlights and 1,180sqm of paved area 

It is targeted to be completed within 330 days of signing.

Project Tpe
Harbour Construction
A.Dh. Mandhoo
Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure
Contract Sign Date
10th December 2019