Construction & Project Management 

We are the leader in infrastructure development and construction in the Maldives. We have pioneered know-how and technology in various areas of our work that have revolutionized the construction industry in the Maldives.

Our scope in land and marine infrastructure development includes harbor construction, shore protection, beach replenishment, dredging, reclamation, sewerage and road development and sheet piling. As an important partner in nation building, we have gained nationwide trust and recognition for our capacity and expertise in the area.

We have developed our own mobilization techniques and operational procedures to suit the unique environmental and logistical challenges faced in carrying out infrastructure projects in the dispersed islands of the Maldives.

We are constantly building up our expertise with the experience gained from each project that is completed. We have the largest fleet of machinery and equipment in the country and have the capacity to execute several projects simultaneously in multiple locations across the length of the country.


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Shore Protection

The pioneer and leading contractor when it comes to shore protection in the Maldives, we have been providing various solutions to the country’s vulnerable shores over the past 20 years. We are the first contractor to introduce rock boulder breakwaters, revetments and L-section concrete quay walls to Maldives. We strive to remain the most reliable contractor for shore protection structures while also focusing on quality, sustainability and innovation.

Sheet Piling

The most experienced sheet-piling contractor in the country, we own and operate hydraulic piling equipment and crane mounted barges to provide cutting edge solutions for the most challenging and complicated sheet piling projects in the country. Our key expertise in this field includes quay wall piling, foundation piling and underwater structures. The quay wall in Hulhumale’ is one of the landmark sheet piling projects carried out by MTCC.


We offer a wide range of surveying services including bathymetric, topographic, as built and hydrographic surveying. our highly qualified professionals, with more than 15 years of experience, use the latest instruments and offer efficient solutions to all and any nature of engineering and construction projects.

Sewerage and Roads

Sewerage development has been recently added to our portfolio of services and since then we have successfully completed major sewerage development projects in the Maldives. we have invested heavily in developing the required machinery and manpower to excel in sewerage development projects in the recent years.

Airports & Roads

We entered into asphalt works in the early 2000’s with runway resurfacing projects at various regional airports in the country. With these projects the Company began building its capacity and competencies, acquiring technologies to excel at asphalt works. Today we have the most advanced road and runway construction equipment in the country and has the capacity to undertake all types of road, runway and airport construction works.