Construction of V. Keyodhoo Harbour Project Phase 2



About This Project

The contract to construct Phase two of V. Keyodhoo harbour was signed between the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure, Zeeniya Ahmed Hameed  and the CEO of MTCC Hassan Shah, on April 10th, 2019.

Scope of the project includes

  • Dredging and excavation of 6300-cubic-meter
  • Construction of 102-meter breakwater
  • Construction of 97-meter revetment
  • Construction of 212-meter quay wall
  • Construction of a ramp, concrete bridge, harbour drainage and interlocking pavements.

The project is estimated to cost MVR 29,723,199.91.


Project Tpe
Harbour Construction
V. Keyodhoo
Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure
Contract Sign Date
10th April 2019
Completion Date
30th January 2020