N. Manadhoo Harbour Road, Pavement and light



About This Project

N. Manadhoo harbour road, pavement and light project was awarded to MTCC in 2015 by  the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure.


The Project comprised of:

Harbour road excavation, filling and compaction Sqm 5300

Supply and placing of interlocking blocks Sqm 5300

Placing of drainages No 89

Harbour pavement and lights

Excavation, filling and compaction Sqm 60

Supply and placing of interlocking blocks Sqm 1935

Installation of two arm street lights no 25

Project Tpe
Harbour Construction
N. Manadhoo
Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure
Contract Sign Date
29th April 2015
Project Start Date
3rd September 2015
Completion Date
29th August 2016