N. Holhudhoo Coastal project



About This Project

N. Holhudhoo coastal project was awarded to MTCC on 4th September 2013. The work for this project, awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, was completed on 21st March 2015. The proposed harbour location is same as the existing harbour. Harbour comprised the construction of 279.5m x 64m harbour basin protected by a 366.57m rock boulder break water on outer edge, 390.5m quay wall, 177m rock boulder revetment, 1407.5sqm paved area and installation of 25 harbour street lights.

Project Tpe
Shore Protection
N. Holhudhoo
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Contract Sign Date
4th September 2013
Project Start Date
6th March 2014
Completion Date
21st March 2015