K. Thilafushi FSM Slipway



About This Project

Construction of K. Thilafushi FSM Slipway was awarded to MTCC on 9th December 2013. The work for this project, awarded by Fuel Supplies Maldives Pvt Ltd, was completed on 25th February 2015. This project was to construct a slipway as per their design in Thilafushi FSM site.


The work for the project included:

Excavation 496.80 cbm

main lane – Concrete work 9.0 blocks

3 side lanes – Concrete work

Project Tpe
K. Thilafushi
Fuel Supplies Maldives Pvt Ltd
Contract Sign Date
9th December 2013
Project Start Date
29th May 2014
Completion Date
25th February 2015