K. Male’ Industrial Village



About This Project

This project was awarded to MTCC in 2016 by  the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure.


The project scope included:

Reclamation works 148.000.00 cbm

Protective coating/SP/QW 2570nos

Quay wall sheet pilling 534m

Quay wall anchoring 534m

Quay wall capping 534m

Relocation of tetrapod 510m

Revetment sheet piling 510m

Revetment capping 510m

Revetment tetrapod core 510m

Rock boulder revetment 510m

Rock boulder breakwater 121m

Culverts road sub base 10,556sqm

Storm water line (settlement tanks & pipes)

Electrical cable line (pipes & junction box)

Road base course (ABC)10,556sqm

Placing Kerbs 3973m

Asphalt wearing 10,556sqm

Footpath preparation 3660sqm

Road Finishing works

Single arm light

Double arm light

Sewerage works (supply)

Sewerage works (installation)

Water network (supply)

Water network (installation)

Electrical works (supply)

Electrical works (installation)

Road sub base

Storm water line (settlement tanks)

Electrical cable junction box

Road base course (ABC)

Placing kerbs

Asphalt wearing

Footpath preparation

Road finishing works

Single arm light

Project Tpe
Dredging and Reclamation
Road & Bridge Construction
Shore Protection
Water and Sewerage
Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure
Contract Sign Date
13th January 2016
Project Start Date
6th February 2016
Completion Date
4th February 2019