Construction, Repair and Renovation of Temporary Facilities, Buildings & Services at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport



About This Project

This project was awarded to MTCC in 2015 by  Maldives Airports Company Limited.


Scope of the project included

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Mosque single storey concrete building (floor area 390 m²),
  • Road and harbour workshop single storey steel frame (floor area 512 m²),
  • Carpentry single storey steel frame (floor area 850 m²),
  • Civil work Site office & Workshop single storey steel frame (floor area 540 m²),
  • Dog compound single storey concrete (floor area 392 m²),
  • Estate management Office single storey concrete (floor area 416 m²)
  • Laundry single storey concrete (floor area 368 m²)
  • Nursery single storey masonry (floor area 1412 m²)
  • Storage warehouse single storey steel frame (floor area 1161 m²),
  • Machine and Welding Workshop single storey steel frame (floor area 1375 m²)
  •  Construction of Main roads of total length 1,996m x 7.5m width, and Internal roads total length 1,057m x 7.5m width.
  • Construction of Water Supply & Sewerage network
  • Construction of 1000m Security Fence.
  • Renovation and Modification
  • Renovation and Modification of Office building 1 &2, (Two storey steel structure) total area of 877m² , Warehouse 912m², Laboratory 352 m² and Canteen single storey masonry structure 415 m²
Project Tpe
Building Construction
K. Hulhule'
Maldives Airports Company Limited
Contract Sign Date
29th March 2015
Project Start Date
13th April 2015
Completion Date
15th April 2018