Hulhuhumale’ Road Development Project



About This Project

Hulhuhumale’ Road Development Project was awarded to MTCC on 8th April 2010 by Housing Development Corporation Ltd. The work for this project, valued at MVR 41,418,453.95, was completed on 9th May 2012. This project involved the full construction of road, sub base preparation, cutting and shaping of roads, construction road superstructure, and installation of road substructures including service lines and junction boxes.


Construction Rate:

Compaction and construction of road surface – 1200sqm/day

Sub base preparation – 1000sqm/day

Installation of service lines – 100m/day

Project Tpe
Road Construction
K. Hulhumale'
Housing Development Corporation Ltd
Contract Sign Date
8th April 2010
Project Start Date
13th April 2010
Completion Date
9th May 2012