G.Dh. Thinadhoo Coastal Protection Structures



About This Project

G.Dh. Thinadhoo Soft Coastal Protection Measures project was assigned to MTCC by the Government of Maldives, and work commenced on the project on 16th February 2015 and the project was completed on 24th September 2016. The main components of this project include, a shore protection of 59, 864 cbm geo bag revetment. Also an additional variation of 1, 064m geo bag revetment work has been completed. The project was funded by the Government of Maldives and awarded to MTCC for MVR 39.4 Million.

Project Tpe
Shore Protection
G.Dh. Thinadhoo
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Contract Sign Date
27th October 2015
Project Start Date
16th February 2016
Completion Date
24th September 2016