F. Magoodhoo Harbour Project



About This Project

F. Magoodhoo harbour project was awarded to MTCC on 9th February back in 2014. The work for this project, awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, was completed on 13th October 2016.


The scope of this project included:

Dredging and excavation (basin)-28,531.72 m3

Dredging and excavation (channel)-12,677.83 m3

Disposal of dredged/excavated material (reclamation)- 95,100 m3

Breakwaters- 162.81 m

Revetment- 103.39 m

RC quay wall structure- 330.77 m

Harbour pavement- 770 m2

Project Tpe
Harbour Construction
F. Magoodhoo
Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure
Contract Sign Date
9th February 2014
Project Start Date
24th December 2014
Completion Date
13th October 2016