Dh. Hulhudheli Sewerage Project



About This Project

Dh. Hulhudheli Sewerage Project was awarded to MTCC on 13th March back in 2014. This project, awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, was completed on 15th October 2017.


The work for  this project included:

Carry out surveys investigation, conduction of EIA, preparation of concept & detail design

Preparation of detailed design & drawings of civil, electrical, mechanical and miscellaneous works of sewerage system

Construction of civil, electrical and mechanical works of sewerage system

Trial run and commissioning of the completed sewerage system

Operation and maintenance of sewerage system for a period of one year

Project Tpe
Water and Sewerage
Dh. Hulhudheli
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Contract Sign Date
13th March 2014
Project Start Date
16th November 2015
Completion Date
15th October 2017