Construction of major roads at R. Dhuvaafaru (Phase 1)



About This Project

The construction and development of  the main roads at R. Dhuvaafaru was contracted to MTCC on May 22nd, 2019. Director General of Planning Ministry Fathimath Shana Farooq signed on behalf of the government and the CEO of MTCC Hassan Shah, signed on behalf of the company.

Road construction project of R. Dhuvaafaru (phase 1) is well underway, with overall 90% project progress. We have completed asphalt laying works. Installation of road markings, speed breakers, zebra cross markings and cleaning of the roads are currently ongoing.

Scope of works involve

  • Construction of sidewalks of 6813.08sqm
  • Construction of a carriageway of 25,513sqm
  • Installation of road lighting and road markings

The project is valued at MVR 47.04 million.

Project Tpe
Road Construction
R. Dhuvaafaru
Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure
Contract Sign Date
22nd May 2019