Construction of Harbour for Tsunami Victims Project in the Island of H.A. Horafushi



About This Project

Construction of harbour for tsunami victims in H.A. Hoarafushi was awarded to MTCC on 14th October 2010. The work for this project, awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Environment, was completed on 21st July 2012. This Project involved full construction of harbour including dredging, sand-cement bag sea wall, L section quay wall, and rock boulder revetment. Construction methodologies and technologies used in this project are similar to that of methodologies and technologies proposed for construction of harbours for Tsunami project.


The scope for this project included:

Construction of harbour facilities

Dredging of 181,965 m3

Construction of quay wall (with concrete L Sections) 1875m

Revetment 609m

Laying & installation of geo membranes 5110sqm

Surveying & setting out works

Testing and approval of material

Quality monitoring and control

Construction of sand cement shore protection structures

Precasting of concrete L sections, installation, and construction of capping

Dredging of harbour and channels and laying and installation of geo membranes

Construction Rate: Dredging: 1000m3/day , Sand-cement bag sea wall 15m/day and L section quay wall: 5m/day


Project Tpe
Harbour Construction
M. Kolhufushi
Ministry of Housing and Environment
Contract Sign Date
14th October 2010
Project Start Date
11th November 2010
Completion Date
21st July 2012