Mr. Ahmed Aboobakuru

Non-Executive Independent Director

Appointed by Public Shareholders

Mr. Ahmed Aboobakuru was first elected by the public shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 29 May 2013. He was reelected to the board by the public shareholders on 8th July 2019.  


 Mr. Aboobkuru who has served for long periods of time in the Ministry of Home Affairs, State Trading Organization and in the private sector, has also served as a member of the Board of Directors at State Electric Company.  


Mr. Ahmed Aboobakuru who also currently serves as the Managing Director of Dynamic Construction and Trading Pvt. Ltd. has gained immense experience in the construction sector, having led major construction projects, and is experienced in the areas of project management, financial management and cost control. Mr. Aboobakuru has participated and completed several short-term courses in the area of finance and financial risk management. 


Mr. Aboobakuru owns 379 shares of the Company.