Logistical Services

Our Logistical Services provides domestic logistics, international logistical and ship agency services to our customers.  Our logistics fleet is the largest steel vessel fleet in the Maldives, which comprises of tugboats, flat top barges and landing crafts.

International Operation

Our international logistic services provide break bulk cargo delivery service in flat top barges and tugs. Extensively operated between Tuticorin, India and Maldives, our tugs and barges transport rock boulders, sand and aggregate required for shore protection and infrastructure development projects carried out by MTCC and various other customers.

Domestic Operation

Our domestic logistics service provides logistical services across the nations to transport machinery, vehicles and construction materials. This service is crucial to the infrastructure development activities across the nation.

Ship Agency Service

Our ship agency service provides a full range of ship agency services to vessels from across the globe arriving to Maldives.  Our agency service includes inward and outward clearance, bunkering, provision of fresh water and supplies, waste disposal and carrying out repair works on board such vessels.