Inauguration of L. Maabaidhoo Harbour Project

HEP Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has officially inaugurated L. Maabaidhoo Harbour Project on 8th of September 2018.

The event was attended by Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Ibrahim Thoriq, CEO of MTCC Mr. Ibrahim Ziyath, Members of parliament, other senior government officials and company officials.

The main components of this projects included 18450.18 cbm of dredging of new basin and channel, 3560 cbm dredging of existing basin, construction of 369m quay wall, 254m breakwater, 74 meters of S/C bag revetment, 39 meters of boulder revetment, 1052 sqm of harbour pavement.

The project was assigned to MTCC by Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure and was fully funded by the government.

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