MTCC is the largest dredging contractor in the Maldives. Today MTCC owns the largest dredging fleet in the country and offers its customers cutting-edge solutions to meet their requirements. Dredging, which is one of the Company’s core activities was started in 1995 with just a few excavators. During the years since then the Company has acquired the latest technology and has found innovative solutions for the variety of challenges faced in executing dredging projects in the unique environment of the Maldives. 


Along with dredging, land reclamation is a core activity of the Company. As the largest reclamation company, MTCC has carried out various reclamation projects across the country to meet the country’s increasing demand for land. The Company has the largest dredging fleet to cater to the growing reclamation demand in Maldives. MTCC’s dredging fleet includes an IHC 1800 beaver and IHC 1200 beaver cutter suction dredgers.

The reclamation sector is a key area in which the Company has planned to make major investments in order to improve efficiency and expand it scope.