• Incorporated as the first public company in the Maldives on 18 December 1980
  • Commenced business activities with rental of speedboats, tugs and barges
  • Ventured into vehicle rental business
  • Ventured into building construction through two government projects
  • Introduced Yanmar products in to Maldivian market
  • Establish two regional Yanmar Service Centers
  • Commenced construction of MTCC Corporate Head Quarters
  • Signed Castrol dealership agreement with Castrol Singapore
  • Opened the first Yanmar sales show room 
  • Ventured into dredging and reclamation works
  • Officially launched Castrol Lubricants in the Maldives
  • Introduced Castrol Automotive Products to the Maldivian market
  • Ventured into Sheet Pilling works
  • Started construction of small steel vessels 
  • Ventured into public ferry services with the commencement of Male’/ Villingili ferry services
  • Became a joint-venture partner with Dredging International and International Port Engineering and Management for Hulhumale’ Phase 1
  • Launched employ club - “Team MTCC”
  • Ventured into asphalt paving works with the Hanimaadho Airport Runway Resurfacing Project
  • Launched the Company’s first Employee Development Program 
  • Became a partner in Hulhumale’ Phase 1  Housing Project
  • Extended asphalt works expertise through construction of 2km road in Gn.Fuvahmulah
  • Extended ferry services portfolio with the addition of Thilafushi Ferry services
  • Ventured into heavy cargo logistics with the acquisition of a 3500 ton barge with supporting tug
  • Established Hulhumale Ferry Terminal for commuters travelling between Male’ and Hulhumale’
  • Established a concrete testing lab
  • Replaced the use of traditional sand bag quay walls with modern precast concrete panels
  • Inaugurated “ Integrated Transport Networks” with the objective of linking the entire Maldives with a well-organized transport network
  • Bus Services launched as part of the “Integrated Transport Network”
  • Established a new alongside berthing facility at Thilafushi MTCC site
  • Construction of 160 housing units in Gan, Laamu Atoll
  • Introduction of Suzuki Outboard Motor Engines to the Maldives market
  • Received Special Award at Suzuki Distributors Meetings for achieving sales target for 2007
  • Commenced  bus services in Hulhumale
  • Extended ferry services portfolio with the addition of North Central Province ferry service 
  • Launched ‘Airport Express’, a high-speed transport service between Male’ and the airport.
  • Launched Hulhumale’ Express, high-speed transport service between Hulhumale’ and Male’
  • Paved a 7200 sqm runway at Thimarafushi Airport
  • Extended ferry services portfolio with Gulhifalhu ferry services
  • Introduced Volvo City Bus to Improve Hulhumale’ bus services
  • Ventured into electrification works with the Electrification Project of Kolhufushi, Meemu Atoll
  • Introduced automated fare collection system for Hulhumale ferry service
  • Launched ‘Dhathuru Card’ for Hulhumale Ferry Services 
  • Became a second level distributorship of Caterpillar Heavy Equipment
  • Introduction of shuttle bus service between Ibrahim Nasir international Airport and Hulhumale’
  • A total of 4 bus with a passenger capacity of 45 each was brought into service towards bus service enhancement
  • A double decker ferry of 204 passenger capacity was brought to service to cater the growing demand of Male' - Hulhumale' ferry service
  • Linked the islands Thaa atoll and Laamu (zone 5) atoll through an integrated transport service network
  • Launched “Odiverinnah Hallu yageen” – provided our customer with the option of purchasing Yanmar and Suzuki engines through a long term Islamic financed payment scheme
  • Appointment of MTCC’s certified engineers and sales agents across most of the atolls in Maldives
  • Introduced a Yanmar 60HP (Y4U60) engine targeted for small vessels
  • Completed 26 construction related projects
  • Awarded 41 construction related projects
  • Gifting a musical fountain to the citizens of Maldives on the occasion of 50th Independence Day of Maldives